Yoni Oil

Yoni Oil

Yoni Oil

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Our Yoni Oil feels amazing after a shower, bath or Yoni Steam and it is light enough to Massage with after wax. Stimulates your vagina while strengthening vagina and tightening muscle walls and allowing for a greater and more excellence sexual experience. Formulated to rid feminine irritations, sweat and odor. You can apply it directly to the labia or add it to your bath water. (Do not insert inside your Lady parts) Gives you a very cleansing and refreshed feeling. And smells divine!

This yoni oil contains powerful antimicrobial ingredients like Blue Lotus, Rose, RoseMary, and Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender to combat bad bacteria that causes yeast infection/recurring infections
* Helps soothe razor bumps/burns, ingrown hairs and itchiness
*Alleviates vaginal dryness
*Abolish bad odor
* Can help alleviate menstrual cramps
*Keeps your yoni feeling fresh all day
*Regulates PH
*Promotes toning and tightening of vaginal muscle.

Our Yoni Oil is a blend of food-safe organic cold-pressed and steam distilled herbal oils all Organic Oils and Herbs

 Blue Lotus is a Sacred ethnogen used by the Ancient Egyptians for stimulating sexual energy, relaxation and healing. The all-in-one nymphaea caerulea provides a warm pleasant feeling. Blue Lotus was used in ancient Egypt to help promote sex drive. Because of this, the blue lotus was extensively used as a party or recreational substance by the early Egyptians.

2 OZ Glass Bottle

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