Highly Scented Squeeze Wax Melt

Highly Scented Squeeze Wax Melt

Highly Scented Squeeze Wax Melt

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Wax melts in a bag is the easiest way to use wax melts. Our squeezable wax is super concentrated and produces stronger scent quicker. The clean up can't get any easier. Our wax melts can be wiped clean with paper towel, even after the wax cools off.

Our wax melts are made with only the best, ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. Hand poured in Pendleton, IN. Give our wax melts a try today you won't regret it!

Size -  8 oz 

How to Use Squeezable Wax Melts:

Place tea-light or UL approved wax melter on a stable, flame resistant surface away from things that can catch on fire.

Vigorously squeeze the wax bag before use.

Squeeze enough wax to cover the wax dish with approx. 3/4" of wax.

Turn the electric warmer on. If you are using a tea-light warmer, light the candle and place it below the warming dish.

When done using, turn wax melter off and let wax cool.

Store at room temperature away from heat and moisture. 

Wax Melts Tips:

To clean wax warmer, wait until wax has cooled and use a paper towel to wipe it clean.

Do not use cleaning products on the wax warmer as the chemicals may release harmful gases when warmed.

If wax is too solid and hard to squeeze from the bottle, run the bottle under warm water.

If wax is too liquid from exposure to high temperature, cool it at room temperature before use.